Sunday, 23 July 2017

100 Days at School

Can you believe it we have been at school for more than 100 days this year!  We celebrated by learning what the number 100 number means, we did lots of art and crafts and we shared a healthy lunch to party!!! We have been learning to read and write and problem solve with our amazing friends at school. Time is flying by......

Room 2 leads our Syndicate Assembly

Room 2 did an amazing job leading our Syndicate Assembly. Everyone got an important job to do. We either presented an item or we shared some amazing art!!! Tino pai Room 2!! We were amazing!

Friday, 21 July 2017

We love Harold the Giraffe and Life Education

We had a fantastic learning with Suzanne and Harold the giraffe when the Life Education van came to school. Harold invited us to his friend Jocko's birthday. We learnt that you need have a balanced diet when we eat. We learnt about food we can eat all the time and treat foods. It was fun singing and dancing with Harold too. His van was awesome!!!! 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Storytelling with Room 10

We were privileged to have some children from Room 10 to come and preform the story of Four Dragons from China. The girls from Room 10 told the story well and we loved the dragons they made for the props. Thanks Room 10 for sharing your amazing learning!

Congrats Louis

Well done Louis! We were so proud when you got your certificate in our Year 1-4 Assembly. You've been doing some amazing maths and reading! Keep shining!! Tino pai!

A royal parade in the Royal Court of Belfast

Hear ye! Hear ye! Royal princesses, maidens, Knights and even dragons gathered for a royal parade. We welcomed our royal friends from Belfast Kids first to join in and celebrate the Queen's birthday. We sang and danced and waved to the crowds. During class time we made crowns and read royal stories. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! 

Sport with Damian

Damian, from Belfast Rugby Club, takes PE lessons with Room 1 and 2. We are increasing our fitness, looking at ways we can run faster and having fun playing games. It's been great so far!!

Room 2

This is Room 2's blog. We are group of enthusiastic learners who are new to school in Year 1. We are like a school of fish and we are searching and discovering new things every day. We are so excited about our blog and we will be sharing lots of our amazing learning.